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We are a multinational retail/hotel chain. Can SCENT::LINQ offer scenting services in all regions, and countries where our locations are?

Yes, we can provide scenting service in many countries worldwide. Please consult with your local SCENT::LINQ representative with the specifics and they will be happy to assist you.

I have a seasonal business, my hotel is not open year-round, Can I still use SCENT::LINQ ambient scenting services, let’s say for 6 months of every year ?

Yes, we certainly do accommodate seasonal businesses. We aim to please our customers’ needs.

Do you create signature scents for brands?

Yes, we certainly do, however signature scent development requires certain minimums. Please consult with your SCENT::LINQ representative.

Once we decide on a scent for our business, does that mean we must use the same scent for the duration of our service agreement?

Of course not. Your SCENT::LINQ representative would be happy to help you to change your scent, send or bring you scent samples. We value our long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Can we receive a signed service form after every scenting service?

Yes. We have a proprietary field service mobile app; our technicians get a signature on their mobile phone from our customers and you can opt-in to receive the signed copy of the service form as a PDF file which is e-mailed to you immediately.

What is the warranty on your scent diffusion systems?

All of our scent systems have 2-year full warranty. Our skilled field technicians do a full check and maintenance for all systems at each site visit.

Do you sell your scent diffusion systems and scents without a service agreement?

We are a service company, and we provide full-service ambient scenting services with annual service agreement. There are some special cases where we may make some exceptions case by case basis, your SCENT::LINQ representative can help you with details.

Can we use the MDX250 portable scent diffusion system at our home?

There are some of our customers do use our MDX250 scent diffuser at their houses, but we would like to remind and emphasize that our systems are designed to be used in retail and hospitality sectors and noise level is acceptable when used in the intended areas, but it may be noticeable at homes.

Do you have scent diffusion systems for home use?

Not at the moment, however, we are working on a product line specifically for small area and home scenting. Please join our mailing list to be notified when our home products are ready.

Where are your scents produced?

Our scent collection is developed by top perfumers and produced by one of the leading fragrances houses in the world, which is located in Germany and USA. Our scent collection exclusively designed and produced for our brand, SCENT::LINQ. Our entire collection is in compliance with all EU and USA requirements and regulations. IFRA (International Fragrance Association) Certificates, Allergen Lists, and SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are available upon request.

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